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From Glossy Floors to Water Nightmares: How 24/7 SERVPRO® of Indianapolis East Can Help

9/21/2023 (Permalink)

water damage overflowing in a warehouse featuring glossy floors and a SERVPRO of Indianapolis East logo Call SERVPRO® of Indianapolis East at (317) 243-3149.

Picture this: you've just renovated your commercial space, and the glossy, pristine floors are your pride and joy. It's a symbol of hard work and investment in your business. However, sometimes unexpected events can turn your dreams into a waterlogged nightmare. But don't worry – 24/7 SERVPRO® of Indianapolis East is here to help you get back on your feet.

The Glossy Floors

You've spent time and money to achieve those beautiful glossy floors that make your business shine. These floors are not just aesthetically pleasing; they also reflect professionalism and care to your customers. Whether you run a retail store, a restaurant, or an office, those floors matter.

The Water Nightmare

Unfortunately, water disasters can strike at any time. Burst pipes, flooding, or even heavy rain can lead to water damage that threatens your beloved floors and the entire space. Water damage doesn't discriminate – it can affect both residential and commercial properties.

How SERVPRO® of Indianapolis East Can Help

Rapid Response: SERVPRO® of Indianapolis East understands that water damage is time-sensitive. That's why they offer 24/7 emergency services. As soon as you call, their expert team springs into action to mitigate the damage.

Experienced Professionals: With years of experience and training, SERVPRO's technicians know how to handle water damage of all scales. They use the latest equipment and techniques to assess the situation and develop a restoration plan tailored to your specific needs.

Water Extraction: The first step in restoring your glossy floors is removing the excess water. SERVPRO's powerful pumps and vacuums can efficiently extract water from various surfaces, including hardwood, tile, and carpet.

Drying and Dehumidification: After extraction, thorough drying and dehumidification are essential to prevent further damage and mold growth. SERVPRO's industrial-strength air movers and dehumidifiers expedite the drying process.

Cleaning and Sanitizing: SERVPRO not only restores your floors but also ensures they are clean and sanitized. They use advanced cleaning products to remove contaminants and odors.

Restoration: Depending on the extent of the damage, SERVPRO can perform necessary repairs and restoration. They work diligently to return your space to its preloss condition, including those glossy floors you worked so hard to achieve.

Communication: Throughout the restoration process, SERVPRO® of Indianapolis East maintains open and transparent communication with you. They keep you informed about the progress and answer any questions you may have.

Water nightmares can turn your business into a mess, especially when they threaten your glossy floors. However, with the quick and professional assistance of 24/7 SERVPRO® of Indianapolis East, you can be confident that your space will be restored to its former glory. So, the next time water damage strikes, remember that SERVPRO is here to help you get back on your feet – and back to those beautiful, glossy floors you cherish.

Call SERVPRO® of Indianapolis East at (317) 243-3149.

Clean Water, Gray Water, and Black Water

8/3/2022 (Permalink)

This picture shows the three different categories of water. Clean, gray, and black water. SERVPRO of Indianapolis East will help make it "Like it never even happened."

What's the difference between clean water, gray water, and black water? And why are they all bad when it comes to flooding and water damage to an Indianapolis home or business? 

What is Clean Water?

Clean water is water that comes from your faucet or shower head that you can drink safely. It is also considered rainwater or snow melt. Water damage to your home can come from a broken water line, a busted toilet tank, a leaky washer or refrigerator, or rain or snow melt entering your home or basement. While clean water flooding your basement or floors may not cause an immediate health risk, it can quickly evolve into gray water after prolonged contact with building surfaces, materials, and items. This can happen within 48 hours, so it is important to call SERVPRO of Indianapolis East as soon as possible after a flood or water damage. 

What is Gray Water?

Gray water is water that may contain chemicals or contaminants that may be harmful to your health. Gray water can come from the shower and sink drains, the washer drains, the dishwasher drain, and aquariums. Gray water can cause even more damage than clean water and evolve into black water within 48 hours, causing further damage and health risks. 

What is Black Water?

Black water is contaminated water from floodwaters and sewage waters. Black water can come from a flooded river, a backed-up toilet, or a backed-up sewage line in your home. Black water can contain all types of harmful contaminants like bacteria, mold, and viruses that can be highly harmful to humans. Black water can cause diseases and illnesses like cholera, hepatitis, and norovirus. Black water can be hazardous to one's health, and it is imperative to immediately call a professional cleanup team like SERVPRO of Indianapolis East. If the water damage from black water isn't professionally removed, dried out, and cleaned, infections and illnesses can occur from microbes in the air and dust. You must hire professionals with the right tools and processes to ensure a thorough cleanup. 

Time is Not on Your Side

If your home or business suffers water or flooding damage, you need to take immediate steps to dry out the property as quickly as possible. With black water, it is imperative that you call us immediately and not try to clean up the water yourself as this can be very dangerous to your health. Even with gray water, if you are unsure what contaminants may be in the water, it is usually best to rely on professionals, like us, who can test the water, extract the water, and take the appropriate steps to clean the property and ensure there are no health risks from contaminants. Even with clean water, if you do not completely dry the damaged areas, the clean water can quickly turn into gray water, which can turn into black water. 

At SERVPRO of Indianapolis East, we have extensive experience with water and flood damage in homes and businesses in the Indianapolis area. We have the professional equipment, tools, cleaning solutions, and expertise to properly extract the water, dry the property, and make it "Like it never even happened."

Water extraction in Indianapolis and what you need to know.

9/2/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded Room SERVPRO of Indianapolis East

When your home has suffered from water damage, it can be a stressful and tense experience. If the damage is severe, you will need to hire professionals to repair and restore your home or business.

That’s where we come in as your highly recommended SERVPRO of Indianapolis, SERVPRO of Indianapolis East with years of experience to help support you. Understanding what to expect from a water damage restoration company can help make the process less overwhelming.

There is no such thing as a small disaster, especially with intrusion of water you can’t see. It can contain bacteria, mold, rot, mold growing, or other unseen damage.

Every water damage restoration project is different. The building (or structure) provides variables that may change with every project, such as the electrical system, type of building materials, or hazardous materials in the building.

The water loss itself provides variables, such as the sanitation of the water, hazardous substances in the water, length of time the water has been in the structure, presence of mold contamination, and mold growth. Take time to identify and resolve safety hazards before proceeding with the project.

Water damage can also affect the value of your property. Before you get out the mop bucket and clean the affected areas yourself, consider how the damage can potentially affect the long-term structure of your home or business.

SERVPRO of Indianapolis East professionals know how disruptive water damage can be for your business and are trained to manage the drying process from start to finish at a pre loss condition. With rapid response time and a full line of water cleanup and restoration services, we can help you regain control quickly, by helping to ensure your facility and its contents are properly dried, deodorized and protected.

When we respond to a call for water damage repair, we have one primary goal: To dry wet building materials and contents items. As restoration professionals, we remove water and moisture from a wet building and return the building to what it was before the loss—before the water intrusion occurred.

Goals of Restorative Drying:

1. Return excessively wet materials to their normal (equilibrium) moisture levels.

2. Reduce the time that materials are excessively wet.

3. Determine the most cost-efficient procedures for drying.

To accomplish these goals, our team controls the airflow, humidity, and temperature to promote drying.

Moisture moves by four mechanical processes.

Liquid flow, air movement, capillary suction, and vapor diffusion.

1. Liquid flow. We most often observe moisture movement as water flows in liquid form. Liquid flow occurs as rainwater leaks through a roof, ground water soaks through a foundation, or water pours from a broken water pipe.

2. Air movement. Moisture in the air is carried by moving air. Air moves from high air pressure areas to low air pressure areas and brings moisture with it.

Moisture moves by airflow through cracks and small openings in a building’s envelope or as air pressure moves moist air through a chimney. Moisture and air moving from outside a building to the inside is called infiltration; moisture and air moving from inside to the outside is called exfiltration.

3. Capillary suction. Liquid moisture can move through a narrow pathway due to contact between the moisture and the surface of the path. Capillary suction allows liquid moisture to move through the pores of porous materials.

4. Vapor diffusion. Water vapor moves as a gas through materials. Water vapor moves from areas of high vapor pressure to areas of low vapor pressure.

Whether moisture moves through a material by vapor diffusion depends on whether differences in vapor pressure exist across the material. How fast moisture moves by vapor diffusion depends on how permeable the material is.

Before you risk any further damage and potentially the long term value of your property, call us as your local water damage, flood damage, fire damage, smoke damage, and cleaning services professional at  SERVPRO of Indianapolis East.

A Quick Response is key to water removal.

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

Water Removal SERVPRO of Indianapolis East

Water damage to your home will always be a major event and something most people are not prepared for. A delay of just a few hours can greatly increase the severity of water damage in an affected area. Your first move is to contact a water remediation company in Indianapolis that you can trust.

SERVPRO of Indianapolis East is here to help as your restoration company to remediate water damage for homes or businesses. We provide cleaning and restoration for residential and commercial locations, as well as content restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and carpet cleaning.

According to industry standards, water damage can be categorized into three distinct levels.

Category 1 Water – That which is clean at the releasing source and does not pose a hazard if consumed by humans. Category 1 water may become progressively contaminated as it mixes with soils on or within floor coverings or building assemblies (walls, decking, subflooring). Time and temperature, which promote the growth and amplification of microorganisms in water can cause Category 1 water to degrade. Examples: burst water pipes, failed supply lines on appliances, vertically falling rainwater.

Category 2 Water – That which begins with some degree of contamination and could cause sickness or discomfort if consumed by humans. As with Category 1 water, time and temperature can cause Category 2 water to become progressively more contaminated.

Category 3 Water – That which is highly contaminated and could cause death or serious illness if consumed by humans. Examples: sewage, rising flood water from rivers and streams, ground surface water flowing horizontally into homes. There are two ways in which water enters a building as a result of wind storm damage.

Water damage is one of the most common and costly disasters affecting U.S. homeowners yearly, accounting for billions of dollars in losses. Make sure that you've located the water damage company in Indianapolis that you intend to reach out to if an event like this occurs in your home.

You can protect yourself and your home by preparing for the worst. Homeowners insurance and flood policies cover a vast range of potential heavy rain, water extraction, fire and smoke damage, mold removal, and emergency services. Water that comes from the top down, such as rainfall, is covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy, while water that comes from the bottom up, such as an overflowing river, is covered by a separate flood insurance policy. SERVPRO of Indianapolis East also specializes in flood damage repair for Indianapolis.

By the same token, properly maintaining a home is one of the best ways to prevent water damage. A homeowner can prevent water seepage by painting water-sealant around the basement, and avert a sewer backup by installing and maintaining a backwater valve which allows sewage to go out, but not come back in.

Reach out to us here at SERVPRO of Indianapolis East for your water damage restoration in Indianapolis.

How the Water Damage Restoration Process Affects You.

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

Water Damage Restoration SERVPRO of Indianapolis East for all your restoration needs.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility on a water damage work site. A primary concern in water damage safety is protecting employees. Observing appropriate safety procedures will help keep workers safe and healthy while they work in unsafe or unhealthy environments.

Restorers inspect the area where water has intruded to identify the extend to which water has mitigated through materials and the damage that has occurred. We discuss this with the building occupants about their observations to help further define the nature of the water damage and water damage tips to be aware of.

 The information we gather in this initial inspection is documented and used to plan the needed emergency procedures as trained restoration experts.

During the process of drying a building, restorers conduct ongoing inspections. They inspect and measure moisture conditions inside the building and in materials affected by the water. Information gathered in the ongoing inspections is documented and used to determine whether wet materials are drying properly.

When the structure and contents are considered dry, restorers conduct a final inspection. This information is documented to show that the building materials and contents have been restored to acceptable conditions. Restorers document not only conditions of the building and structure, but also the work procedures that are followed to address those conditions.

The restorers concern with any wet building is to prevent damages caused by water and moisture from becoming worse. Effective mitigation of a water intrusion will reduce the amount of damage a property suffers and thus also reduce the cost of restoring the property to its condition before the loss. Mitigation is important because it helps the occupant recover more quickly from the water loss event.

Call us at SERVPRO of Indianapolis East for all your restoration needs.

Water Intrusion in your Home and First Steps

4/23/2021 (Permalink)

Water Damage Here to Help.

As a leader in the cleaning and restoration industry, we strive to meet or exceed the expectations of every customer, client, and business that is involved with water damaged property. Every property, every project, every customer deserves excellence.

Water intrusion in a home or business is always a traumatic event. Effectively restoring a water-damaged property is such a valuable service to any homeowner or business owner. This type of disruption creates stress and uncertainty for many individuals and can be very costly.

This is when you call us at SERVPRO of Indianapolis East to provide guidance and assistance to ensure the best decisions are made through these difficult times.

Excessive water and moisture in any indoor environment can pose health risks for occupants and if it is not resolved properly. Water intrusion can cause severe damages to both your structure and contents.

Properly mitigating, drying, and restoring a water-damaged structure requires training, expertise, and specialized equipment. With hands-on experience and coaching in the field, we are the best in the industry.

The goal of emergency actions is to protect your structure and contents from further damage, establish a safe environment, extract water, demo unrestorable materials, and create the conditions for drying the structure and contents effectively. This typically involves calculating and positioning air movers and dehumidifiers within the affected area.

Once the equipment is placed, we monitor the drying process and make sure it is working properly. Monitoring services continue until the structure and contents are dry as we evaluate, update monitoring logs, and make adjustments as needed.

Call us at SERVPRO of Indianapolis East , “Like it never even happened.”

Top Reasons For Water Damage

6/25/2020 (Permalink)

This picture show the carpet in a room saturated with water. Call SERVPRO of Indianapolis East. Our expert technicians are trained to handle a mess like this.

Water damage can happen to your Indianapolis home or business in many different ways. In this blog, we will outline some of the most common sources of water damage. It's very likely that you have had water damage at one point or another, or may know someone who has.

If you think about water damaging your home, you might imagine the cause to be from a hurricane, tornado, or other natural catastrophes. The unfortunate reality is that most water damages are caused when ordinary household appliances fail. It's important to know the areas around your home that pose a threat for damage, and what to do after it happens.

Washing Machines

Washing machine leaks are one of the most common causes of flood damage in a home and can result in significant damage not only in the laundry room but also in adjacent rooms and areas. Some laundry rooms are located on the second floor of homes, and that can cause multi-level damage. Replace rubber and plastic hoses with reinforced steel braided hose. Check connections periodically to make sure they are secure and replace the hoses every five years.

Sewer and Drain Backups

Sewer water has the potential to cause health issues, not to mention the odor that accompanies it. Understandably, this can bring serious issues to the home or business owner. The water that backs up from a sewer is classified as "Blackwater." It can contain all types of harmful contaminants and can be very dangerous. For these reasons, a professional cleanup company like SERVPRO of Indianapolis East, is highly recommended. Call our office, and we will respond immediately to make your home safe again.

Bathroom Leaks

Bathroom water leaks cause significant damage to a home. This is especially true if the bathroom is located upstairs. The main culprit is usually a supply line to the shower or toilet. We can't see the copper pipes that carry the water inside the walls, but we can see and inspect the supply line to the toilet. It's a good idea to replace the older line with a stronger braided one. These steel braided hoses are less likely to fail and are a proactive way to lessen the chance of having a leak.

Frozen Pipes

Central Indiana is well known for having all for seasons. We have weeks in winter with severe weather when temperatures drop to single digits, and even in negative numbers. When outdoor temperatures drop that low homes and businesses are likely to suffer from broken pipes. The water inside pipes can freeze when outdoor temperatures drop below freezing. As freezing water expands, it causes the pressure inside the pipes to increase, possibly leading to bursting pipes. There are a few ways to help prevent this from happening.

Insulate pipes, especially those close to outside walls, attics, and crawl spaces where the chance of freezing is greatest. Open your cabinet doors under the sinks; this allows warmer air to circulate to the pipes. Seal air leaks surrounding pipes and keep garage doors closed if there are water supply lines in the garage.

The Refrigerator

The copper pipe that brings in water to the ice maker might have a bad or loose connection, or it could be pinched. Just like the other appliances in our homes, the fridge has a water supply line with continuous pressure in it. If that line becomes loose or broken in any way, water will spill out until the source is turned off. It's a great idea to familiarize yourself with where to go to shut the water off in case something like this happens to you.

Sump Pump Failure

If you have a basement, you understand the importance of a sump pump. Without one, water can seep into your basement and cause lots of damage. One of the most common causes of a flooded basement is a sump pump that stopped working. This could be that the pump is old and mechanically broken, but most likely, it's due to a power supply loss. When storms roll through, we can lose power to our homes at times. That's why it's so important to have a battery backup in place in the event this happens to you.

Call The Service Professionals

If you should suffer water damage, whether from a weather-related event or a cracked pipe, overflowing bathtub or toilet, call the water damage experts at SERVPRO of Indianapolis East 317-222-5068 for 24-hour emergency service. You can also click here to contact us online. At SERVPRO of Indianapolis East, we have specialized equipment, professional training, and certifications that allow us to restore your home or business to its pre-water damage condition and make it "Like it never even happened."

Home Water Damage from Spring Showers

5/26/2020 (Permalink)

A bolt of lightning in the sky. Home Water Damage from Spring Showers

The grass growing and the flowers blooming are just a couple signs of Springtime in Indiana. The other sign would be showers and more showers and more showers. Showers and thunderstorms seem to be a rite of passage for Hoosiers. With those rain showers come potential flooding and torrential rains that can quickly overcome your Indianapolis home causing substantial water damage and mold growth.

Luckily if you live on the East side of Indianapolis, you’ve got some of the top water damage restoration pros in the area at SERVPRO of Indianapolis East. Whether you have a home down in Franklin Township, live in a condo near Irvington, a home in Warren Park, or a place off Southeastern in Wanamaker, we are just right down the street and ready to help with any water damage emergency. We are available 24/7 for any size emergency. SO whether it’s a broken pipe at 3 in the morning on a Saturday or a flooded basement on Easter Sunday, we will be there for you. Just give us a call and we’ll be right there to help restore your home from water damage right away.

At SERVPRO of Indianapolis East, we have the expertise and equipment to clean up and restore all types of water damage. With the frequent rains and floods in Indiana during the Spring, water damage can occur in many different ways. At SERVPRO of Indianapolis East, we’ve seen it all. With basements, we’ve seen water damage from sump pumps failing, sewer backups from flooding, and flooding from local streams and rivers. With the rains, homeowners also discover leaks in their roofs which can damage ceilings and walls and flooring. If you should suffer water damage to your Indiana home, it’s reassuring to know that SERVPRO of Indianapolis East is just a call away to start the water damage cleanup and restoration.

Call the Pros if You Do Suffer Water Damage This Spring

Hopefully this Spring, your Indianapolis home stays dry and undamaged from the severe storms, flooding, tornadoes, and rain. If you should suffer water damage whether this Spring from flooding, backups, or leaks, call the water damage cleanup experts at SERVPRO of Indianapolis East for 24-hour emergency service. At SERVPRO of Indianapolis East, we have specialized equipment, professional training, and certifications that allow us to restore your home to its pre-water damage condition.