Recent Before & After Photos

Kitchen Fire Cleanup

Even a small fire can cause extensive damage to a home. Sometimes a small fire may not generate large flames that burn objects, but the resulting smoke can quic... READ MORE

Apartment Fire on the East Side of Indianapolis

These are before and after pictures of an apartment fire on the east side of Indianapolis. The fire started in the kitchen when the stove was turned on to prehe... READ MORE

Pack-outs after a fire

This before pictures shows one of our service trucks about to be loaded with the contents from this house. The second photograph is in our secured warehouse, wh... READ MORE

Water Damage In Your Indianapolis Home

If the water source is clean and the problem is addressed quickly, sometimes little or no damage is done. We don't always need to remove the carpet and pad to p... READ MORE

Exterior Fire Damage Restoration

This Indianapolis home sustained substantial fire damage inside and out. These pictures illustrate the exterior restorations we performed. The fire department c... READ MORE

Water Under Kitchen Sink In Beech Grove Home

Water loss is a pain and a mess but not for our trained professionals you work quickly to get it cleaned up. We worked steadily in this home to make sure that ... READ MORE

Mold Growing in Laundry Room of Beech Grove Home

Mold growth quickly spreads in dark In this Indianapolis, IN home, a water leak behind the laundry machine plus the air humidity caused mold to begin to grow up... READ MORE

Flooded Hair Salon in East Indianapolis

This East Indianapolis hair salon flooded after a severe storm caused the owner's roof to start leaking. SERVPRO of Indianapolis East arrived on the scene and ... READ MORE

School Water Damage

This Indianapolis Elementary School suffered a water damage last fall due to this water fountain you see here. The supply line to the fountain malfunctioned, ca... READ MORE